Majestic Iron Designs

Majestic Iron Design specializes in creating custom wrought iron gates, fences, railings, stairs, spiral staircases, exterior and interior balconies, skylights, and more.
15 years of experience in custom designs using strong, solid material with a high end finishes. Each piece is handmade, with a genuine attention to detail. Every work has a unique style, created to the customers satisfaction.

Majestic Iron Design provides services to San Fernando Valley, Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, Brentwood, Palos Verdes, Pacific Palisades and West Los Angeles.

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Whether one is building or remodeling their home, they are probably looking for ways that they can inject their unique personality into the home to give it a one of a kind look and feel. This often applies to both the inside and outside elements of the home. A great way to express style with a unique, yet classic feel is to use wrought iron in the design of your house. Whether one chooses to adorn their yard with wrought iron gates or grace their foyer with a wrought iron staircase, they are sure to make an impression with family and guests alike.

wrought iron gate at the front of the home is both attractive, yet functional. One may choose to enclose their entire yard in iron. This adds security to the home, but can also be nice to look at. There are many designs that can be incorporated into the gates or fences and the way that the iron is actually formed. One can order fencing with a customizable design, or choose from a pre-fabricated one. Regardless, a wrap around wrought iron fence or gate can be absolutely gorgeous to look at it. In addition, this metal in incredibly strong and will last for decades. It can discourage trespassers, wandering neighborhood animals, and promote home security.

The feature can be carried to the front steps or porch of the home with wrought iron handrails. These sturdy pieces will remain in place for years to come and are especially great for the elderly or others who might require assistance with stairs. They are very unlikely to loosen or break, increasing safety. Their charming appearance can accentuate gates or fencing, or simply look great on their own accord as well. Iron is in a universal color that matches great with any paint, siding, or building material.

The medium can be brought indoors with a dazzling wrought iron staircase. Like a gate, fence, or handrail, the metal can be shaped into an intricate design, easily becoming the centerpiece of the room. Sturdy yet beautiful, it is a wonderful addition to the home, whether a simple cape or a sprawling mansion. Central staircases as well as small or back stairways can be brightened with this strong metal.

Wrought iron is a delightful building material that beings unique beauty, security, and safety to any home or even a business. If one is building or remodeling, they simply must consider adding these distinctive features to their construction.