Pedestrian Gates

At Majestic Iron Design, we are well aware of your needs and are capable of designing products to fit your requirements and taste. For example facilities and locations with high volume of foot traffic (such as pools, apartment complexes etc.) demands special protocols for security in order to allow access to selective individuals only without affecting the convenience and functionality.

In all such situations pedestrian gates are an excellent choice mainly because:

  • The vehicle traffic remains unaffected by the volume of foot traffic
  • The entry and exit of foot traffic can be adequately monitored with the help of a functional pedestrian gate

Why Majestic Iron Design?

At Majestic Iron Design, we offer assistance and consultation to our valuable customers in order to deliver the best product. Depending upon your requirements, special locks and devices can also be installed in your pedestrian gate in order to deliver function, style and appeal – all at the same price.

Our Perks include:

  • Handcrafted, custom-designed door
  • Aesthetically pleasing functional door that complements the surrounding architecture and design of your property
  • Premium quality and huge variety of designs
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Elegantly hand – crafted wrought iron entry doors have always been a hallmark of a cozy home design. Strategically placed iron entry doors add to the style while offering security and protection to your family. We – at Majestic Iron Design knows exactly how to provide that extra touch of luxury and care.

Highlights of Iron Entry Doors at Majestic Iron Design:

–       Well-crafted, eye-pleasing frame

–       Sturdy doorjamb and reliable locks

–       Easy installation

–       Affordable pricing

–       Little to no maintenance or up-keeping after initial installation

Majestic Iron Design offers thick doors with eye-pleasing features to provide distinction and beauty with protection. To complement your home design, architecture and taste, we offer huge variety of glass finishes, door knobs, lock-sets etc. to add the extra touch of synchrony and harmony in appearance and style.

Unlike most of our competitors, we don’t offer inferior quality products that are imported from outside of America. All our products are crafted, designed and manufactured in USA in accordance with the needs and requirements of our satisfied customers.

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At Majestic Iron Design, we offer simple to complex, traditional to contemporary and unique to conventional iron exterior balconies to fit the architecture and design of your residence. The benefits of choosing Iron Exterior Balconies are numerous; you can get quality with durability and character that may last for years with minimal up-keeping and maintenance cost.

Highlights of Iron Exterior Balcony offered by Majestic Iron Designs:

–       Aesthetically pleasant

–       Unbeatable strength and stability to withstand weather conditions

–       Careful choice of selective material only, to guarantee customer satisfaction

–       Highly competitive and creative designs that install and fits perfectly

–       Excellent service and speedy installation

We design Balcony railings to compliment the texture and feel of your interior and exterior iron gates, entry ways, and other elements of landscape design such as iron patio furniture, wrought iron fences, stones and masonry. Our crew work efficiently and clean up completely. We offer adjustments and are willing to perform touch ups (if needed) to give perfect looking functional exterior balcony.

If you have additional questions/ queries regarding our products/ designs/ servicing, feel free to book an appointment to learn more about this simple, affordable but classy addition to your house.

Iron Staircase

How wonderful would it be to have an easier access to your balcony without occupying a lot of space? At Majestic Iron Design, our incredible and amazing team fabricates all styles and designs of functional and durable staircases in addition to wall rails and balcony rails. We strive our best and take your feedback to ensure that the final product is exactly what you’re looking for.

Iron Staircases offered by Majestic Iron Design:

Majestic Iron Design offers a huge variety of eye pleasing staircase designs at places where an ordinary set of staircase would may not be feasible. Other benefits of custom designed iron staircases are (but not limited to):

–       Require less space

–       Offer unique style and appeal to your property

–       Can be used indoors as well as outdoors

–       Resist harsh weather and environmental wear and tear changes

Features of Staircases offered by Majestic Iron Design:

–       Premium quality

–       Uniform pickets are durable and safe

–       Stable handrails

–       Artistic look and aesthetic appeal

If you are looking to enhance the beauty of your property while considering convenience and quality factor, wrought iron staircases are best for you.

If you have any questions or if you are looking to get additional information, feel free to book an appointment to learn more about wrought iron staircases and other products.


Iron Gates created by Majestic Iron Design are a product of steel strength and outstanding commitment of our craftsmen who utilize their experience and dedication to hand-build each Iron Gate to fulfill the aesthetic requirements of our satisfied customers. Iron entry doors not only serves as an entrance but are also a signature of security, artistic taste and cozy home feel.

But why Iron Gates?

Custom -designed and aesthetically pleasant Iron gates offer elegance and charm to your home or business besides serving major functions like security and safety. In order to compete with high market prices and saturation, it is very important that your residence or business stands-out in terms of uniqueness, style and design.

We encourage individuals who are looking to build or renovate a home to install elegant gates that are a huge upgrade at a very affordable cost.

Highlights of Iron Gates offered by Majestic Iron Design:

– High quality components that are welded together and hand-checked to ensure integrity and precision

– Professional installation and premium service by our incredible crew.

– Affordable cost and premium quality

In short, classy and timeless iron gates are always a superior choice over wooden and plastic gates. Enjoy the luxury and peace of mind that comes with safe and stylish wrought iron gates.

To learn more about our high quality products, feel free to book an appointment to experience some outstanding designs in iron gates.

Iron Fences

Adding a decorative or custom-designed fence can add value, aesthetic appeal and timeless beauty to your residence. In addition, it also helps you safeguard your kids and pets from pools, electricity circuits and other restricted areas without losing the charm and style.

Our incredibly dedicated and experienced craftsmen are well aware what it takes to create, an eye-pleasing and stylish iron fence. We design and build every iron fence and gate with great care and pride while offering the best prices and premium quality. Provide us the opportunity to show you how affordable and elegant your fences can be.

Iron fencing offered at Majestic Iron Design:

– Attractive hand-forged iron fences that are efficient and easy to install

– Resistant to harsh weathers and require minimal maintenance

– Custom-sized and designed to ensure optimal alignment with your existing infrastructure and architecture

At Majestic Iron Design, we provide huge variety of Iron fences. Whether you are looking to install decorative fencing, perimeter fencing, security fencing or ornamental fencing, we deliver the most appealing, unique and stylish iron fencing in the region. In addition. We all offer numerous choices in terms of style (such as smooth rail, bulbs, bent angled top and spear tops.

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